The Butterfly Effect

We're creating a public Pollinator Habitat and Education Garden and together release 100's of Monarch Butterflies into the world at a "Flights of Fancy" repopulation Monarch release event in September.

PROJECT UPDATE: We're going for it! We funded our basic needs for the 24 acre Pollinator Habitat and 1 Acre Education Garden, we'll be Planting 1,000 milkweed plants, 5 Million Nectar flowers and Hand-Raising 750 Monarch Butterflies to release for the migration south this fall. We're now also able to create an Educational Documentary Video of the process and add a Honey Bee Hive with 30,000 bees! Thanks for supporting and sharing with your friends. 

You can still sponsor a Monarch Butterfly and join the others making a difference one butterfly at a time. 

~ Farmers John and Jennifer