The Knitting Club's "Knit-Kit" ~ Winter-Winds Scarf

The Knitting Club's "Knit-Kit" ~ Winter-Winds Scarf

The Knitting Club "Knit-Kit" ~ "Sweet Pea's Winter-Winds Scarf"

Now you can make Sweet Pea's "Winter Winds Scarf" as seen in Sweet Pea & Friends Brave Little Finn using the yarn made from the wool of Sweet Pea, Finn and all their woolly friends. A fun piece for yourself or to give as a unique gift with the book.

The Winter Winds Scarf "Knit-Kit" Includes:

Limited Edition. Storybook Colors Collection

Pure Wool Yarn      Skein 100g/3.5oz  103m/200yds

1 Skein of yarn Barn Coat Green 
1 Skein of yarn Natural Brown Heather 
1 Skein of yarn Moonrise Farm Blue 
Knitting pattern:"Winter Winds Scarf" 
Storybook Art Card: "Winter Winds" (Sweet Pea wearing her scarf!)

    Winter Winds Knit-Kit $44.95     Sold separately $51.35   Save $6.40

    Sweet Pea, Finn and their woolly friends of Moonrise Farm, nicknamed "The Knitting Club" have gathered their wool together into a small batch "Friendship Blend" of naturals and heathered colors. The colors match the knitted pieces appearing in New York Times Best Selling Sweet Pea & Friends~The SheepOver, Sweet Pea & Friends~Brave Little Finn and  Sweet Pea & Friends~A Farm for Maisie.(pub. Fall 2017)

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    Enjoy~ Farmers John and Jennifer Churchman



    $ 44.95