Moonrise Farm Organic Maple Syrup & Honey CSA

Moonrise Farm Organic Maple Syrup & Honey CSA
Organic Maple Syrup & Honey CSA

Runs: April & October

Delivery: Pick up At Moonrise Farm or Free Shipping in the US

Share Sizes:

Full Share $75

Half Share $40

Hint: Makes a great gift!

 Join our Something Sweet Organic Maple Syrup & Honey CSA and you will receive two treasure boxes - one in April (Maple) and one in October (Honey) filled to the brim with all things sweet. Inside you'll find Maple Syrup, Maple Candy, the official Vermont Maple Sugar-Makers Cook Book, Honey, the Vermont Beekeepers Cookbook, seasonal greeting cards and more! You'll also get to follow along online to watch how the Maple Syrup is made and how the busy bees of Moonrise Farm make the honey from the wildflower fields and organic gardens all summer long.

 In the Spring when the first sap rises from the Vermont Maple Trees, we will be in the Sugarhouse making a treasured batch of "First Run of the Season" traditional wood-fired Maple Syrup. In the Autumn when the Maple Trees leaves turn brilliant colors we know it's time to harvest the honey from the summer beehives.


$ 75.00