Sponsor a Honey Beehive-10,000 Bees and their Queen Into the World

Sponsor a Honey Beehive-10,000 Bees and their Queen Into the World

You can make a positive difference. We'll do it together.

Sponsor a Honey Bee Hive and we'll do all the work of caring for the bees, keeping you updated with pictures and stories and send you honey from your hive in the fall.

We've all heard the news, the honey bee population is in crisis and this directly affects the production of our worlds food supply. These busy pollinators are necessary for life on earth and since they are at risk so are we. 

You may feel like you can not personally make a difference because you can't raise bees where you live for a variety of reasons (we get it, it's not for everyone). 

But we can help. We have an organic farm in Vermont with a certified pollinator habitat and wildflower fields. This allows plenty of space to raise bees with no pesticides, plenty of water and trees.   It cost about $500 to set up a new honey be hive home and populate it with a "3lb Bee Package" of worker bees and it's Queen.  (approx 10,000 bees!)

We'll do all the work for you, it's a labor of love. 

In the fall, when we harvest the excess honey from the hive we'll send you 2LBs  of honey from YOUR HIVE (that's eight 4oz jars). Enough for you and to share with family and friends.

Have your own hive or gather up your friends and sponsor one together! Half-Hive and Quarter-Hive available, we'll group you with others to make a full hive! ~ Thank you. John and Jennifer

$ 500.00